The foundation of today’s HE Tubing Netherlands BV was laid in 1960 in Harderwijk by Aluminium Extruders Holland NV. In 1964 the company was acquired by Reynolds Metals Company Inc. and changed the name into Reynolds Aluminium Holland BV. Under Reynolds management the facility grewth from a one extrusion press operation to in total 6 extrusion presses.

In 1994 Reynolds Aluminium Holland BV created a JV on die technology with Thermalex in USA and started the production, on a dedicated extrusion press, of the Micro Port Extrusions (MPE’s). The first 4 years the MPE extrusion was done by 2 cavity extrusion and initialy 2 and later 4 Cut To Length (CTL’s) machines. In 1999 the extrusion line was upgraded from 2 to 4 cavity extrusion and by that time already 6 CTL’s were in operation. A next upgrade of the extrusion line was done 2004 from 4 to 6 cavity extrusion together with a complete new coiling system. Furthermore next generation CTL machines including digital vision system per each CTL machine were installed. In 2009 two additional CTL machines were installed. In 2011 the first 2 High Speed CTL machines were put in production and HE Tubing’s flux coating line started operation.

HE Tubing Netherlands BV became a separate legal entity after the announced joint venture of Sapa and Norsk Hydro for their extrusion activities in October 2012. Sapa was forced to divest HE Tubing under the directive from the European Commission due to market concentration issues raised by customers.

The legal transfer (incl. all assets, personnel, R&D capabilities, relevant licenses, insurances & contracts with external parties) was completed on September 1st, 2013. Standard Investment acquired HE Tubing in February 2014.

HE Tubing is a leading manufacturer of micro multi-port extruded (MPE) tubes used for automotive AC systems as well as for non-automotive HVAC-R applications.

HE Tubing has a long history of relationships with its customers based on quality leadership, service and flexibility.