Our Product Development is based on close co-operation with our customers. We support our customers with their current and future needs. have established a strong footprint in manufacturing and technical support allowing us to support our customers with class leading solutions and capabilities.

Our technical expertise, combined with our long experience in materials for brazed heat exchangers and deep understanding of our customer present and future needs…

In close collaboration with our customers, HE Tubing develps new products and processes with a clear focus on the needs of end-users.


Well considered design upstream leads to effective production downstream. To develop its systems and products, Valeo has set up an organization based on project teams and the simultaneous engineering of products and processes. This reduces development times and allows Valeo to design high quality systems and products that are robust, easy to manufacture, and cost effective

Thanks to Valeo’s partnerships with its suppliers, the Group benefits from their ability to innovate, and works with them to develop productivity plans and improve quality. Valeo works particularly closely with a limited number of suppliers, chosen from among the best in the world, with whom it maintains mutually beneficial long-term relations

In order to meet customer expectations in terms of product and service quality, total quality is required throughout the Group and from its suppliers


“Good quality is of crucial importance. There is always room for improvement!” This position of company founder Ernst Mahle still serves as a model for us today.

For our customers, quality means failure-free assembly, satisfied end customers, no product recalls—and thus a strong brand. For MAHLE, quality is a significant factor in our global success. Quality management is fully integrated into all business processes. We have developed an in-house Group standard for quality planning and controlling.

Product development
In order to ensure seamless series production, quality planning during product development and series launch had to be highly effective. MAHLE therefore repeatedly puts it to the test and defines ever more effective standards